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Dynamic Monsters

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

As with most MMORTS games, Darklin Wars has monsters, but like most things in this genre, we are making them better! (Yeah, I really did just run smack on every other game.) So lets explore how we implemented monsters.

First, there are monster camps. These are the little shanty towns that monsters have set up around the Kingdom. Kinda uppity of them, right? Well, you and your alliance mates will be charged with destroying these camps by rallying together. The upside is that you will get great prizes for doing so, after all something has to be done with the treasure they are hoarding.  Here is a breakdown of the camps you will find the Kingdom:

Now if you decide to get lazy and not destroy these camps, bad things happen. By bad things, I’m talking about wandering monsters! Of course the little buggers get restless in their camps, wouldn’t you?

Once they get tired of squabbling amongst themselves, they decide to explore the big beautiful world, filled with shiny new castles. . .  just like yours!  Once a camp has “aged” every day new monsters will spawn and start to wander. The monsters will correspond to the camp that spawns them, so a level 36 giant camp will spawn level 36 giants. Wandering monsters can be attacked by individual lords and ladies and the rewards correspond with the camp rewards, just at a much lower level.

Troops that attack camps and monsters may be killed or injured.  Formula for attacking camps and monsters is different than that for player versus player and the odds favor the players.  However, attacking a very powerful camp can have very bad results for the player if they are underpowered.

Dark Towers

We will be implementing “Dark Towers” as part of our monster package.   Dark Towers are scattered across the Kingdom and attract stray elemental energy. These towers may be attacked by groups of Lords and Ladies in order to plunder stored elemental energy as well as attain other rewards that are exclusive to these locations.

Dark towers exists on another plane of existence most of the time and only can be attacked once every 20 hours when they fill up with energy and briefly appear in this plane. It will take not just strength, but also strategy to win these battles, but the rewards will be worth it!

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