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Massive Game World

There are many entries into the massively multiplayer real time strategy genre, and one thing they all have in common is claiming a “huge game world”, universally followed by 1 million squares. . .  well, we’ll throw Darklin Wars into the mix too.


But . . .

It’s not 1 million squares though. That would be selling us short. . .

The game world in Darklin Wars is called a “realm” and the Realm is comprised of 10 Kingdoms.  Each of our kingdoms is approximately 1 million squares. So the entire Realm you will be playing in is approximately 10 million squares!

Why approximately? Because unlike other games, our game world has unique terrain. We have mountain ranges, and lakes, rivers, and oceans. It is not just a single terrain across the entire map or a randomly generated map with objects strewn about.  We have carefully thought through the layout and optimized it for strategy (and fun!).

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