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Overview of Darklin Wars

So what is Darklin Wars?

Not the lore or the graphics, but what is the game progression? Where does it start from and where does it progress to. . .  that is what we will talk about today!

When the game begins

Players start as proud owners of their very own castles, complete with a variety of buildings that will be crucial to their future dominance.

Included in starting castles are:

Alchemy Lab – This is where elemental energy is combined to form Darklins, as well as a myriad of other supplies that a growing castle needs.

Barracks – Four barracks are provided in castles for producing troops. Each one can produce any type of troop that is needed; cavalry, siege, archers, infantry, or warlocks.

Central Keep – The main seat of power in the castle, plus it’s where the Lord or Lady will lay their head at night! It controls the maximum level of all other buildings.

Embassy – When war comes, and it is inevitable in this game, a strong embassy ensures that allies can provide assistance. The embassy directly controls the amount of troops that can reinforce a castle.

Energy Pens – A place is needed to store all the harvested raw elemental energy, and not just any old place will do! The energy pens are specifically created to secure harvested energy for use later.

Hall of Warriors – Every warrior needs a little R&R to feel great about themselves, so a place is needed that is large enough to fit them all. Upgrading the Hall of War gives players the ability to send more soldiers to attack, house more soldiers in their castles, and increases their rally sizes when working with other Lords and Ladies.

Marketplace – Sometimes its easier to get what you want from another player, rather than develop it yourself. The marketplace is where players can buy and sell elemental energy and other items with anyone in the Kingdom.

Merchant – The marketplace is a great place to swing a deal with another player to get what is needed. Sometimes, however, no deals exist and players need another source. Enter the trusty merchant tent. Unlike the marketplace, however, there is no bartering here, players need to bring gold!

Scryer – Intel is key to any military operation and the mystics housed in the Scryer building are the ones that provide valuable information players will so desperately need. Scryers provide details about attacking armies and can even help expand a castle’s view of surrounding territory that has not been explored.

Walls – Anyone that has ever seen a Darklin leading an angry horde of soldiers towards their castle was extremely grateful for their walls.  Keeping these upgraded to ensure a castle is well defended is essential!  When the walls come down, bad things happen. . .

War College – Any growing empire requires advancement in technology, at the War College players advance their knowledge in four branches of study;  combat, defense, development, and alchemy.

Now venture outside the castle. . .

Once players have explored the features of their castles, eyes will naturally turn outward, and that is where the real adventure begins!

These castles are located within Kingdoms, ten of which make up the realm. Initially only the territory immediately surrounding a player’s castle is visible, while the rest is obscured by a swirling fog, but eventually their knowledge will grow to encompass the entire Kingdom, and then Realm, that they are a part of.

At the start players will focus on  growing their castle by increasing its level. This is done through the acquisition of various types of elemental resources, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Mana, and Void, which spawn from the earth in elemental founts. There are many minor founts to be found within every kingdom, of various types. Each kingdom also contains six major founts, which are too powerful to be controlled by a single Lord or Lady.

As the players grow in power they will seek out other players to join with, pooling their resources and growing in power.  These alliances will enable players to grow faster, conquer territory, and acquire control of major founts, which will supply all alliance members with a steady stream of elemental resources.

In every Kingdom alliances will be numerous at the start and all of them will vie for control of the major founts. Inevitably one alliance will emerge in each kingdom and begin to conquer all others. When that alliance is able to achieve control over all six major founts, they will have conquered their kingdom, gained the ability to open Major Gateways and achieved the first big milestone of the game!  

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