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Unique Death Mechanics

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

When troops die in combat, all is not (permanently) lost. Those troops will wind up in Rebirthing Towers, mystical towers that are scattered throughout the Kingdom, and can be resurrected.

In each castle there is a temple where your city’s priest reside. By sacrificing the right amount and type of Elemental Energy to the gods, your temple’s priests can summon back your troops and return them home. There is a cost in time as well as the sacrificial resources and there is no way to speed their return. After all, who can hurry the dead?

In addition, when a soldier is reborn, their experience level will decrease by 1. So if a level one soldier dies, their death is permanent.

After resurrecting, troops will be sent back to the player’s castle from the nearest Rebirthing Tower in a march that will count against the player’s total marches.  That march, however, can be sped.

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